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Sam the Skeleton with Candy Bowl

Sam the Skeleton with Candy BowlItem Dimensions: 32"h x 16"w x 12"Item Weight: 5.6lbs.Materials: 100..


Sammy Large Glass Snowman

Sammy Large Glass SnowmanItem Dimensions: 8"h x 6.75"w x 6.50"dItem Weight: 4.18lbs.Materials: 100% ..


Sammy Small Glass Snowman

Sammy Small Glass SnowmanItem Dimensions: 6"h x 5"w x 5"dItem Weight: 2.75lbs.Materials: 100% GlassS..


Snowflake Candlesticks- Set of 2

Snowflake Candlesticks- Set of 2Item Dimensions: 9-12.5"h x 4-4"w x 5.25-7.75"Item Weight: 2.86lbs.M..


Soft Ombre Canisters - Set of 3

Soft Ombre Canisters - Set of 3Item Dimensions: 6.25-7.25-8.25"h x 5"dItem Weight: 5.83lbs.Materials..


Spectrum Clock

Spectrum ClockItem Dimensions: 22"h x 22"w x 1.75"Item Weight: 6.6lbs.Materials: 80% MANGO WOOD, 5% ..


Sun Coast Candleholders - Ast 4

Sun Coast Candleholders - Ast 4Item Dimensions: 3"h x 6"w x 4"Item Weight: 0.66lbs.Materials: 100% C..


Suzanne Candle Stand

Suzanne Candle StandItem Dimensions: 19.25"h x 21.25"w x 6.25"Item Weight: 2.31lbs.Materials: 100% I..


Tia Canisters - Set of 3

Tia Canisters - Set of 3Item Dimensions: 9.75-10.5-11.75"h x 5"dItem Weight: 11.22lbs.Materials: 85%..


Tin Roof Bird Houses - Ast 2

Tin Roof Bird Houses - Ast 2Item Dimensions: 12-9.5"h x 9-11"w x 7-5"Item Weight: 1.6lbs.Materials: ..


Tortoise Large Glass Pumpkin

Tortoise Large Glass PumpkinItem Dimensions: 14.25"h x 15.50"w x 15.50"dItem Weight: 15.41lbs.Materi..


Tortoise Small Glass Pumpkin

Tortoise Small Glass PumpkinItem Dimensions: 12"h x 11.50"w x 11.50"dItem Weight: 8.81lbs.Materials:..


Tory Armillary Clock

Tory Armillary ClockItem Dimensions: 27.5"h x 16"w x 13.5"Item Weight: 3.75lbs.Materials: 90% IRON, ..